He's worn many faces and borne many names, but throughout history, Ares, the Greek God of war, has possessed a limitless hunger for destruction.

An immortal being who draws his power from belief and conflict, Ares was worshipped by many on Earth as a god of Olympus. Eventually, that belief waned and the gods stepped back from regularly interfering with humanity. But, centuries later, Ares returned to encourage war through his manipulation of mortals. This brought him into conflict with the Amazons and their champion, Wonder Woman. Over the years, he became the latter’s constant foe, intent on thwarting her mission of peace and understanding.

In recent years, however, Wonder Woman has learned that the being she fought so many times was not the real Ares. And now that the true God of War has been revealed, it’s uncertain what side he’ll be on in battles yet to come.


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Character Facts

super strength, invulnerability, combat skill, combat strategy, weapons expert, creates conflict wherever he goes
First Appearance
WONDER WOMAN #1 (1942)

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