Beast Boy

Able to take the form of almost any animal, Garfield Logan, despite his flippant personality, is one of the most esteemed superheroes to bear the name “Titan.”

It’s not easy being green, but Garfield “Gar” Logan certainly makes the best of it. After contracting a rare disease as a child, Gar’s parents were forced to administer an experimental genetic treatment involving the DNA of animals with known resistances to the disease as a potential cure.

The good news: their experiment worked. The bad news: it had some pretty dramatic side effects. It turned Gar’s skin, hair and eyes a bright green color and gave him the incredible ability to shapeshift into any animal at will…with just one important caveat. Any form Gar happens to take will also be completely green, no matter what. So much for being able to blend in.

Luckily, fading into the background has never been Gar’s goal in life. When he’s not using his powers to be a superhero, he spends his time as an amateur actor and social butterfly, winning friends and “adoring fans” (at least, in his head) wherever he goes. He’s quick with a joke and quicker with a smile, and remains upbeat, optimistic and flirtatious even through the worst of times, making him a valuable asset for the morale of any team he might find himself a part of.


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Character Facts

shapeshifting, animal-driven abilities
First Appearance
DOOM PATROL #99 (1965)

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