The tragic Clayface is a virtually indestructible shape-shifting monster who's both threatened Gotham City and served as an ally to Batman.

In Gotham City, people are never quite what they seem—sometimes literally. As one of the most skilled and dangerous shape-shifters in the DC Universe, Clayface is a complicated and multifaceted rogue who oozes in and out of different roles with the fluidity of the mud that makes up his body.

Numerous beings have held the name Clayface, including the victim of a tragic accident and a crook who unlocked the secrets of magical clay to grant himself powers. The Clayface story is constantly evolving and pulling new people into the muck and mire. With a total of eight different characters officially holding the mantle at one time or another, knowing just whom—and what—to expect from a Clayface can be a tricky affair. Virtually indestructible, criminally devious and brilliant at improvisation, even the most harmless-looking incarnations of Gotham’s resident mud-based monster represent a massive potential threat—one that Batman must grapple with regularly to keep his city safe.


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Gotham City
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