Just imagine if someone completely outside of the Multiverse was to create their own version of some of the DC Universe’s greatest heroes. That place would be Earth-6. Here, Superman is a cosmic cop, a castaway from the planet Krypton. Green Lantern is a being whose body glows with a greenish hue from the power of the World Tree Yggdrasil that surges through him.

Wonder Woman is a heroine who yields the immensely powerful celestial staff of Manco Capac. Batman has a mind like a steel trap and is clad from head to toe in a terrifying bat suit—complete with wings.

This fresh take is unique to Earth-6. Where some places fear new or different ideas; this world embraces them. Its strength lies in the idea that sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help give a new perspective. That simple concept has helped the familiar heroes of this Earth experience new and unfamiliar adventures—all of them exciting!     


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