A crossbow-wielding urban warrior and a core member of the Birds of Prey, the Huntress takes aim against crime in the dark heart of the city.

Born into a chaotic web of warring mob families in Gotham City, Helena Bertinelli's life has always been a mess of violent extremes. At eight years old, she witnessed the murder of her mother, father and brother, an event that left her in the care of her uncle in Sicily. He taught her the code she would come to live by: "Blood cries for blood." In order for Helena to proceed with her life, she would have to exact revenge on the people responsible for her family's murder.

After spending her early teenage years training, she returned to Gotham City, only to learn the true depth of the Mafia's corruption. After witnessing the Batman in action, Helena vowed to follow his example and purge the city of corruption by any means necessary—even if it meant crossing lines Batman would not.

Caught in a struggle between her rage and her role as a DC superhero, Huntress has come to represent the darker shades of gray in Gotham.

For more on Huntress's history, visit her page on DCUniverse.com.


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Base of Operations:
Gotham City

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